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Please Follow these steps to install this solution

Step:1 Check if the "SharePoint 2010 Administration" service is running
click start->run->"services.msc"
search for "SharePoint 2010 Administration" and start the service

Step:2 Goto Start AllPrograms->Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products
run SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as administrator

step:3 Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath "..Path to P3.Modules.SharePoint.PDF2Lib.wsp"
Step:4 Install-SPSolution -Identity "P3.Modules.SharePoint.PDF2Lib.wsp" -WebApplication "URL" -GACDeployment
wait for few mins for the job service to complete
Step:5 Enable-SPFeature -Url "URL" -Identity "d7baf6cc-d5be-4c3c-a43b-56e59a37d102"

To Uninstall

Step:1 Disable-SPFeature -Url "URL" -Identity "d7baf6cc-d5be-4c3c-a43b-56e59a37d102"
Step:2 Uninstall-SPSolution -Identity "P3.Modules.SharePoint.PDF2Lib.wsp" -AllWebApplication
step:3 Remove-SPSolution -Identity "P3.Modules.SharePoint.PDF2Lib.wsp"


1)A deployment or retraction is already under way for the solution, and only one deployment or retraction at a time is supported
Ans) Wait for the job service to complete

Configuring the PDF to Library feature.

  • The PDF to Library is visible on any document library under the P3 Tools tab.

  • Firstly you must insert a template pdf file, this file will be used as a reference for mapping the form fields and SharePoint fields.
  • Upload a valid PDF file which has form fields, into the document library.
  • Now select the template file and click on the PDF to Library icon under P3 Tools to open the configuration page

  • The configuration page contains the a summary of available files under current library(ex: Document Library)

  • List of available form fields inside the PDF file are shown on the left pane.

  • List of columns available in the current library is shown on the right pane.

  • The bottom pane contains the mapped form field à library field/column.
  • To start mapping select a field from the PDF form fields list and a valid column from the sharepoint library columns list and click map.

  • At any point of time you wish to unmap a mapped field : column value, then simply select the field-column pair that you wish to unmap, and click on unmap.

  • When all the mappings are done click on save. You will be redirected back to the library.

  • Now upload PDF files to the library, the metadata will be updated automatically.

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